Which Canopy Tent model is best for me?

The quality of your outdoor event depends on how well you prepare for it. Packing the right tent can make for a truly exceptional outdoor experience.

But what kind of canopy tent should you choose? What size and model should you go for? This guide helps take the guesswork out of the game.

Three Tents Every Family Needs

The decision on which canopy tent to purchase boils down to what outdoor activity you need it for. Are you looking for the ideal tent for the beach, camping, or a gaming sports event? Check out our top three picks:

The Best Tents for a Day at the Beach

Americans love a trip to the beach. But too much sun exposure while on the beach can prove dangerous. Thankfully, you can prevent that from happening by investing in one of our E-Z UP beach tents like the Ambassador™, Dome™ or Envoy™.

If privacy is top on your priority list, you can opt for a screen cube, which comes with four walls and an access door. The access door has a zip that allows you to close out bugs. It's just the ideal abode for your little ones to enjoy a quick nap before heading out to the waters again for a splash.

Choose This Tent for the Ultimate Camping Experience

Camping is one of the truly popular outdoor activities in America. Regardless of the kind of camping expedition you have planned, E-Z UP camping cubes offer the ideal shelter for you and your family or friends

Assembling this tent only takes a few minutes, and you can ensure the tent remains anchored to the ground by adding deluxe weights. The tent has extra-wide doors to allow easy entry with camping equipment and sleeping bags. 

Each tent is available with many accessories that can help make your camping experience that much more unforgettable. 

The Ideal Tent to Spice Up Gaming Sports and Tailgating Events 

E-Z UP understands how special it feels to promote our team spirit, so our digital printing team is always standing by to customize your tent to your liking. Want your team's name emblazoned on your tent? We've got you. We can deliver a tent that perfectly portrays what you feel about your beloved club. It's this commitment to our craft that has earned us the SGIA Golden Image Award for seven years in a row.

Get Your Ideal Tent Today!

A top-quality tent is a great addition when planning the perfect outdoor recreation activity. At E-Z UP, we have a vast collection of tents for all outdoor occasions, from beach trips to camping to gaming sports. Get in touch with us today and find just what you're looking for.


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